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Karly Dawn and HillFolk

A Kentucky Country Music Sampler by Kentucky singer, Karly Dawn & The HillFolk. Sharing a mix of very old traditional songs of Kentucky with newer original songs by Karly Dawn and other Kentucky writers- all in the early country and mountain old time vein. Intended to be an uplifting recording, with several happy endings, leaving heavier material for a future all original country album, as well as an upcoming country gospel album, the new OH, KENTUCKY is sure to get the toes a tappin' in good old time.

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OH, KENTUCKY: Pre-order new record: OH,KENTUCKY

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This Kentucky Country Music Sampler is a toe-tapping collection of all Kentucky music. OH, KENTUCKY melds old Kentucky traditional songs with modern original tunes written by KarlyDawn and other Kentucky songwriters for an overall bombastic old time with Karly Dawn and HillFolk! The download is available now and free with your purchase of out new CD, due to ship out by Sept.12, 2018!
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Oh, and here are the tracks!!

  1. Bowling Green 3:40
  2. Cuckoo 3:51
  3. Keepin The Fires Warm 3:59
  4. Kentucky Waltz 2:55
  5. Evergreen Shore. 2:33
  6. Pretty Little Miss 3:41
  7. Oh, Kentucky 1:54
  8. Hillbilly Highway 3:50
  9. Jubilee 3:01
  10. Darlin Don't You Know That's Wrong 4:39
  11. Soften My Heart 3:07
  12. Springtime In Kentucky 2:25
  13. Sweetest Hour 2:45

(Total 42:46)

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